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The new Make Jesus Real Conference for 2018 is almost here! Secure your tickets or download the conference agenda by clicking the buttons below! This year’s conference is in Hobart and features  Sam Clear (Walk4One) as our guest speaker. Marty Ogle, from the Tasmanian CEO, facilitates this year’s conference, which will be hosted by Sacred Heart College on Thursday May 10, 2018 – Friday 11 May, 2018.


Buy your tickets now! Download the Program!


  • MJR 2018 Calendar

    Make the messages of Make Jesus Real MJR extend beyond the school gates with this bright, colourful calendar packed full of positive messages. Theses include: “Have a positive attitude!” “How do we connect with Jesus?” and “Be a grinner and a winner!”

  • My Friend Jesus (Grade Prep-2)

    MJR is centred on the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all those around us. My Friend Jesus is a resource aimed readers from Prep to Grade 2 as an introduction to the Make Jesus Real series and its philosophy or MJR way of life.

  • 2018 MJR Conference

    We are pleased to announce and invite you to the 2018 Make Jesus Real annual conference in Tasmania, with special guest, author and missionary Samual Clear. Click below for details and to order your early bird tickets today at a discounted rate!

  • MJR Message Banners

    Make Jesus Real Banners that bring the MJR messages to life! Ensure the Make Jesus Real program lives beyond the classroom with these bright and colourful banners. Each banner measures  90cm x 50cm in size. Click the button below to view them all!

  • Make Jesus Real (Grade 5+6)


    More than a workbook, Make Jesus Real is also a journal where students can record their experiences. More than that, it’s a book for life, a book that students can refer to in years to come. All day, everyday, is a Make Jesus Real day!

  • Spirit of Jesus (Grade 3+4)

    The Spirit of Jesus assists middle primary students to develop a relationship with the resurrected Jesus, helping them to see the spirit of Jesus in their hearts and in others, through activities that encourage personal reflection and group work.


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