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Bring the Catholic faith to life for your students by showing them how to live it every day. Give them all the tools they need feel the Spirit of Jesus each day and find the God Moments that are always happening around them. If you want to join our mailing list, fill in the form in the ‘Contact’ section.


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My Friend Jesus

Grade Prep – 2

Spirit of Jesus Grades 3-4

Spirit of Jesus

Grade 3 – 4

Make Jesus Real
Third Edition

Grade 5 – 6

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Banners that promote the MJR Values

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Having witnessed ‘first hand’ the impact of ‘Making Jesus Real‘ …. I am convinced that our formal Religious Education programs need to be complemented by a vibrant, practical ‘hands on’ program.

Dan White
Executive Director, Sydney CEO

I am impressed with the wide influence of Make Jesus Real …. I commend MJR to any diocese seeking a faith-focused values education program.

John Mula
Deputy Director, Catholic Education South Australia