MJR has touched the lives of thousands of students, parents and teachers across Australia. Here are some stories about how truly great Make Jesus Real can really be.

As a child, There are so many things that will shape who you will become. MJR was one of the biggest things that helped to shape me. This is something that I became aware of whilst beginning a uni assignment. I was asked to choose a resource that could be used to teach students about health and well-being. Whilst reflecting on my personal experience, I noticed the green card sitting under my lamp next to my bed. “Did I see God and the good in myself and others today?”. As soon as I said those words I knew I was going to write about MJR. I’ve come from learning about ‘living Jesus’ through my attitude and values as a child. To now, as an aspiring teacher, wanting to pass on the experience of MJR to my future students. To shape them, help them grow and to Make Jesus Real in their own lives and be the best people that they can be. I guess the real ‘God Moment’ here is that as an adult MJR is still teaching me, everyday.

– Hannah Mason

I took part in MJR in 2004 as a Grade 6 student. I found it to be a memorable experience an​d​ it really helped shape me as a person. It made me think about what I valued as an individual and the choices I made and how these choices affect you and others around you.

​I have now gone full circle as I am involved in MJR in my career as a teacher. I can see the same engagement from my students and feel it is just as valuable and relevant for this next group of children. I believe the values that are taught in our schools is what sets Catholic education apart. As young students these ideas can sometimes be more difficult to understand and MJR provides a way of teaching children from a point of view that they understand and can relate to.

The inclusion of SOJ for Grade 3/4 students has been wonderful and from just one lesson I can see my students thinking about what they are doing and saying to one another.

It has been a pleasure working with Mitch and the MJR program as a child and now as an adult. Even after 13 years I still have my ‘Where is Jesus in my Life Today?’ card that I have shown to my students.

– Jane Kaica 

I am impressed with the wide influence of Make Jesus Real …. I commend MJR to any diocese seeking a faith-focused values education program.

– John Mula, Director, Tasmanian CEO

Having witnessed ‘first hand’ the impact of ‘Making Jesus Real‘ …. I am convinced that our formal Religious Education programs need to be complemented by a vibrant, practical ‘hands on’ program

– Dan White, Executive Director, Sydney CEO

Linking faith and spirituality with resilience and leadership Make Jesus Real is a one-of-a-kind. Make Jesus Real is all about inviting children to be alert for and reflect upon the God Moments.

– Tony Brennan, Team Leader, Tasmanian CEO

“I am delighted that Jason Perry has been able to incorporate Peter Mitchell’s great ideas into a new workbook for students in Years 3 and 4, “Spirit of Jesus”.

Many students in our schools prepare for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist in Years 3 and 4.  They sometimes find it difficult to understand “The Holy Spirit”  but using the expression the “Spirit of Jesus” makes it easier for them to understand more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   The workbooks help them to understand Anzac “spirit” and “team spirit” and the “Spirit of Jesus“.  The students can then easily explain where they have seen the Spirit of Jesus in their class, in their school, at home and in life.  The workbooks and discussions help the students to identify many practical ways to recognise and show the Spirit of Jesus in their lives. They really understand this – and so do their teachers and parents.   This complements our Religious Education curriculum with very enjoyable activities, simple but profound ideas while encouraging them to reflect on their lives in their journals.

I believe this approach helps the students to develop their relationship with Jesus and to appreciate the amazing gift of His Spirit.   Thank you so much!”

– Di-Anne Rowan, Assistant Director: Mission

To be honest when first heard about Make Jesus Real I groaned and moaned. After the first lesson I could relate to Make Jesus Real and its message.

– A recent endorsement from a student