2018 MJR Conference Resources

After the first day of the Make Jesus Real Conference ended, Hobart saw 236mm of rain fall in just over two hours, forcing us to cancel the second day. However, it is important to realise that not one person was killed or injured, and we thank God for that.

Sacred Heart College, where the conference was being held, sadly saw some ceilings collapse due to water weight and many other schools have huge ongoing problems, with many classrooms still out of action and some even needing to be demolished. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Thankfully, though, we did get through one full day, and what an amazing day it was!

After a Welcome to Country from Sacred Heart College (SHC) students and a welcome from the Sacred Heart College Principal, Elizabeth McDougall, Mitch gave the audience a run down on the history of MJR and spoke about the need for the whole school to integrate and name ‘The Spirit of Jesus’ in all we do.

We were then graced by incredible talks from Jocelyne Benoit (A Missing MJR Link), Matt Jones (Leadership and MJR), Liz Celegato (K-Grade 2 Journey) and Marty Ogle (The Next Step – Into Secondary) all beginning, though, with an incredible presentation from Sam Clear (Walk for Unity). Before lunch got underway, delegates were challenged to find an effective way to incorporate the ‘Walk of Trust’ into spreading some of the MJR messages into their different classes.

The second half of the day was all about the practical with Running With MJR in Our Schools, from various teachers from around Australia including Justine Worner, (Peer support through MJR), Jacynth Cornish (Combining The Spirit of Jesus with Social and Emotional Learning), Maureen Delaney (Super Comprehensive Website) and  Natasha Brotherton (MJR with Kevin “the puppet”).

Even though we sadly had to miss the second day, we have thankfully been able to get some of the presentations together for you here to view in your own time. Presentations include those from Liz Celegato, Gemma Thomson, Marty Ogle, Rom Fabrizio, Michele Hayes and of course Peter ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, the author of Make Jesus Real.

Michele Hayes presentation can be found in a video below, but all the other presentations from day two can be downloaded using the buttons to the right.

Marty unveils the new MJR book! Click below to download!

Rom Fabrizio presentation covers Heart Room and Journalling with the Spirit of Jesus. Click below to download!

Where does MJR Reach and Affect? Here’s a PDF version of the MJR Reach and Affect to present to your school, community or diocese etc. Click below to download!

Liz Celegato, author of My Friend Jesus was going to demonstrate in front of a Grade 2 class. Download the three parts to her presentation by clicking below!

Gemma Thomson looks at Integrating ‘MJR’ into the CEWA RE Secondary Curriculum. Download her presentation below!

Peter ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, author of Make Jesus Real demonstrates some important exercises to help with teaching the Spirit of Jesus.

Spirit of Jesus Exercises

MJR Showbag Workbook

Download Michele Hayes’ PowerPoint Presentation by clicking on the button below!

Check out Michele Hayes’ presentation